Joomla Interview Questions: Joomla Interview Questions and Answers. Joomla is a free and open-source CMS for publishing web content.
Q:- What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free open source content management system written in PHP language.It enables you to build dynamic websites and powerful online applications.

Q:- What type of application you can create in Joomla?

Following types of applications can be created using Joomla:

  1. Corporate websites and portals
  2. Online magazines, newspapers etc
  3. E-commerce Applications
  4. Non-profit and organizational websites
  5. Personal or family homepages
Q:- List some core features of Joomla?
Folllowing are some most important features of Joomla:
  1. Multilingual
  2. Well Supported
  3. Easy Updates
  4. Inbuilt Media and Banner Management
  5. Easy Contact Management
  6. Search Better and Smarter
  7. Tagging
  8. Menu Manager
  9. Content Versioning
  10. Extensive ACL for all your access control needs
  11. Google reCAPTCHA
  12. Two Factor Authentication
  13. Integrated Help System
  14. Syndication and Newsfeed Management

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Q:- What is current stable version of Joomla?

The latest version of Joomla! is 3.8.10

Q:- How can you download Joomla?

You can download Joomla from it's official website - Download Now

Q:- What are mambots and mention their categories?

Mambots are Mini programmes or plugins, which performs programs like modifying content before display, extending the site search, adding core functionality and so on

  • Content
  • Editors
  • Search
  • System
Q:- What is the Positions in Joomla?

Any website template page can be divided into a number of positions like nav, header, footer, top, bottom, module, etc. This is called Positions in Joomla.

Q:- What are the Modules in Joomla?

Modules are the small content items which can be displayed anywhere in websites by assigning positions in the template.

Q:- What are the Components in Joomla?

Components are core elements of Joomla’s functionality. These core elements include content, banners, contact, polls, news feed and web links

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Q:- How many files are required to build a Module in Joomla?

Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions.

You can see many examples of modules in the standard Joomla! install: - menus - Latest News - Login form - and many more.

There are four basic files that are used in the standard pattern of module development:
  • mod_helloworld.php - This file is the main entry point for the module. It will perform any necessary initialization routines, call helper routines to collect any necessary data, and include the template which will display the module output.
  • mod_helloworld.xml - This file contains information about the module. It defines the files that need to be installed by the Joomla! installer and specifies configuration parameters for the module.
  • helper.php - This file contains the helper class which is used to do the actual work in retrieving the information to be displayed in the module (usually from the database or some other source).
  • tmpl/default.php - This is the module template. This file will take the data collected by mod_helloworld.php and generate the HTML to be displayed on the page.

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Q:- What web services does Joomla Support?

Joomla supports Remote Procedure Calls and XML-RPC services