React Native Interview Questions: React Native helps you in building native mobile apps using JavaScript, which is supportable for both android and iOS.
React Native Interview Questions
Q: What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework, created by Facebook & written in JavaScript. You can build native mobile apps using React Native, which is supportable for both Android, iOS, Web and UWP.

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Q: How many threads runs in React Native?

There are two main threads namely JavaScript thread and main UI thread.

  1. JavaScript thread.
  2. Main UI thread.

JavaScript code is run on its own thread, separate from the main UI thread. So even when your app is running complex logic, your UI can still be smoothly animating or scrolling at 60fps(frame per seconds), so as long as the UI isn’t blocked by the JS thread.

Q: What is the difference between React and React Native?
React Js:
ReactJs is a JavaScript Library used for developing apps in HTML5 using JavaScript as the developing language
React Native:
React Native is used to develop native mobile apps using JavaScript as the development language.
Q: What are Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid applications are the web applications developed using

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

web standards and wrapped in a native container using a mobile WebView object.

Q: What are Native Apps?

Native app is an app for a specific mobile device that is developed using

  1. Java/Kotlin for Android
  2. C/Swift for iOS
Q: What are some of the most common commands of React Native?
//To create a new application react-native init myNewApplication //Get the development server up and running react-native start //Build the application and load it up onto the device. react-native run-ios react-native run-android //Call npm install to download all the related packages. npm install //Show any running react-native development servers that are running ps aux | grep react-native
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Q: What are the steps to create first React Native Apps?

Before creating your first react native project, install node js which automatically install NPM(Node Package Manager)

  1. //First, create native app command npm install -g create-react-native-app
  2. //Now, Create your first ReactNative App create-react-native-app myFirstProject
  3. //Now, go to the project directory cd myFirstProject
  4. //Now, run the following command npm start
Q: What are the similarities between React and React Native?

Both, React and React Native uses

  1. React Lifecycle Methods
  2. Recat State and Props
  3. Recat Components
  4. Redux Library
Q: What are the advantages of React Native?
  1. Learn Once write Everywhere
  2. Cross-platform Development
  3. Faster Development
  4. Large Community
  5. Live and Hot Reloading
  6. Easy to use
  7. Provids Native Look and Feel
Q: List some popular React Native Core UI Components?
  1. View
  2. Text
  3. Image
  4. ScrollView
  5. TextInput
  6. ListView

Find some more components - Github