Node.js Framework

There are many open-source frameworks available in Node Package Manager which makes Node.js application development easy and faster.

Best Node.js Frameworks for Developers: Following are the lists of most Popular Node.js Framework.

Framework Framework's Description
Express.js Express.js is the most popular Node.js framework which provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.
Meteor Meteor is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.
Koa.js Koa js next generation web framework for node.js.
Sails.js Sails makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps.
Hapi.js Hapi is a rich Node.js framework for building applications and services.
Loopback LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding.