Key Features of Node.js

Let’s look at some of the key features of Node js

  1. Asynchronous and Event Driven –
    All APIs of Node Js are asynchronous. This feature means that if a Node receives a request for some Input/Output operation, it will execute that operation in the background and continue with the processing of other requests. Thus it will not wait for the response from the previous requests.
  2. It's very fast –
    Node Js uses the V8 JavaScript Runtime engine, the one which is used by Google Chrome. Node has a wrapper over the JavaScript engine which makes the runtime engine much faster and hence processing of requests within Node.js also become faster.
  3. Single Threaded but Highly Scalable –
    Node Js uses a single thread model for event looping. The response from these events may or may not reach the server immediately. However, this does not block other operations. Thus making Node.js highly scalable. Traditional servers create limited threads to handle requests while Node.js creates a single thread that provides service to much larger numbers of such requests.
  4. Node js library uses JavaScript –
    This is another important aspect of Node Js from the developer’s point of view. The majority of developers are already well-versed in JavaScript. Hence, development in Node.js becomes easier for a developer who knows JavaScript.
  5. Community –
    There is an Active and vibrant community for the Node Js framework - The active community always keeps the framework updated with the latest trends in the web development.
  6. No Buffering –
    Node js applications never buffer any data. They simply output the data in chunks.
  7. NPM (Node Package Manager) –
    NPM stands for Node Package Manager, it comes with node js & allows us to install various Packages for Node js Application.