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Node.js Tutorial - Learn Node.js

Node.js Tutorial
Node.js Tutorial – Node.js Tutorial for Beginners

Node.js Tutorial for Beginners: In this Introductory Tutorial of Node.js you will Learn:

  1. What is Node.js?
  2. Prerequisites for Learning Node.js
  3. Why you should Learn Node.js?
Node.js - History

Ryan Dahl: is a software engineer and the original developer of Node.js javascript runtime came up with a brilliant idea.

He thought it would be great to execute JavaScript outside the browser means on the Server, so he took Google's JavaScript V8 Engine and embedded with C++ Program and called it Node.

So Node is Runtime Environment for executing JavaScript Code on the Server.

What is Node.js?
Node Js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for executing JavaScript code on server side.

Node js is single-threaded, that employs a concurrency model based on an event loop. It doesn’t block the execution instead registers a callback which allows the application to continue.

It means Node.js can handle concurrent operations without creating multiple threads of execution so can scale pretty well.

Most Popular JavaScript Engine:
  1. Google Chrome - V8 // Fastest JavaScript Engine
  2. Mozilla FireFox - SpiderMonkey
  3. Microsoft Edge - Chakra

Following things you should know in advance before you start learning Node.js.

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with ES6 Features.
  • Basic understanding of the DOM, NPM, node_modules etc.
  • Visual studio code IDE - used for writing code (Optional)
  • Latest Chrome browser - used for debugging (Optional)
Why you should Learn Node.js?
  • Fast: Node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, so it's very fast.
  • Learning Curve: It is easy to learn Node.js and it's frameworks like Express.js etc.
  • Node.js - Asynchronous I/O and Event-Driven Architecture.
  • Single Threaded: Node.js applications uses "Single Threaded Event Loop Model" Architecture to handle multiple concurrent requests.
  • Open Source: Node.js has an open source community and node.js is released under the MIT license.
  • Market demand: JavaScript and Node.js, React.js, Angular etc are top technologies which startups and MNCs are using nowdays. you will get paid high salary package if you will learn Node.js .

So, Let Start Learning Node.js