Features of React.js

Important Features of React.js are:

  1. Performance: It uses the Virtual DOM instead of the real DOM that's why it has very good performanc.
  2. Server-side rendering: It uses Server-side rendering.
  3. Uni-directional: It follows Uni-directional data flow or data binding.
  4. Reusable: It uses reusable UI components (Function and Class components).
  5. Declarative: It is easy to debug and readable.
  6. Simplicity: It uses JSX and has very easy learning curve.

New Features of React.js

Following are the list of new features:

  1. React Hooks
  2. Fragment
  3. Error Boundaries
  4. Contect API
Important Notes:

Declarative: In the declarative paradigm you describe what program should do, not how to do it.